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Raccoon Removal

Written by critterman

January 29, 2019

Raccoon Removal

There are many ways to remove raccoons from your home, but safety and humane treatment are essential. Raccoons can be dangerous animals, and it’s critical to take precautions when removing them from your property.

Baby RaccoonRaccoon Babies

One option for raccoon removal is to hire a professional wildlife removal company. These companies will have the experience and equipment necessary to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your home.

Another option is to set up raccoon traps. There are a variety of trap designs available,Custom Raccoon Trap Raccoon TrapRaccoon Trap

so be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the size and number of raccoons you are trying to catch is a Cypress Critters and Pests division, a Pest Control company located in Spring, Texas. We custom build traps explicitly designed to capture Raccoons or specific wildlife that may be living at your property.

If you decide to try to remove raccoons yourself, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Always wear protective clothing when dealing with raccoons.
  2. Use proper safety equipment, such as gloves and masks, to avoid getting bitten or scratched by the raccoon.
  3. Raccoons can be aggressive animals, so it’s essential to approach them with caution.
  4. Raccoons are good climbers, so it’s critical to block off any escape routes before attempting to capture them.
  5. Raccoons can carry diseases, so it’s vital to wear protective clothing and gloves when handling them.
  6. Never try to relocate a raccoon yourself; always contact a professional wildlife removal company for assistance.

Finding Raccoons Locating Animals

You can safely and humanely remove raccoons from your home by following these tips.

With planning and caution, you can safely and humanely remove raccoons from your home.

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